Below you will find a list of NYU course projects, write-ups, and wireframes.

Homework Helper App

Course: Narrative, Digital Media, & Storytelling

Project: Homework Helper App that provides on-demand homework help for both students and their parents.

Concept: What if you’re a parent or caretaker who doesn’t understand the child’s homework yourself?

The Homework Helper App is a supplemental product in addition to the suite of workbooks is a common core app (mobile, tablet, and desktop) that supplies children with video modules to provide a visual representation of the problem they are presented with in the form of a motion graphic video. The edge here would be to have the chunked videos correspond specifically to the workbook module.

Parents need assistance too! What better way to help them, then to provide “train-the-trainer” or educator-type guides to immediately access tips, tools, and prompts to use with their children when they can no longer help. These guides would include examples on how to “facilitate” problem solving with  your child.
Homework Helper App – Full Write-up

Homework Helper App


Course: Learning Environment Design

Project: Fitness App with customizable dashboard to fit the just now needs of the fitness maven.


Talee is a fitness/lifestyle app that is a one-stop shop that meets the just-in-time needs of busy mid-career women. The learning will take place via an activity tracker mobile app called Talee. Using Talee, users can track calories, runs, track workouts, and even create their own workout routines. Referencing the IDL Framework, I intend to leverage the idea of closure and investment by putting bigger tasks into conceivably smaller tasks with a customizable dashboard. (Edelson & Joseph, 2001)

I aim to do this by designing a customizable drag and drop main dashboard. Users will be able to have more control of what they want tracked and what is shown to them once the app is opened. This will reduce duplicity, and will include a sleeker interface compared to competitive apps to provide better education around existing external syncing options (syncing with other HRMs and associating apps).

Full Talee Write-up

Talee_Final_Mockups.001 Talee_Final_Mockups.002 Talee_Final_Mockups.003 Talee_Final_Mockups.005


Course: User Experience Design

Group Project: “Glassdoor”-like App for Universities.

Concept: Provide a way for current students and prospective students to gain and provide deeper insight into NYU’s graduate programs and be able to make more informed decisions.

Schoope app will be specific to NYU graduate programs. Students will be able to view various demographic information for a school’s program via the Schoope dashboard. (i.e. Program has 65% acceptance rate. 35% of students who left the program mentioned “hand-on” as a pro, 43% of students received jobs in this field).

Students will also be able to go on and leave Pros, Cons, Advice and more for their completed programs.

Full Schoope Wireframe

Full Schoope Design Rationale Write-up

wireframe-01 wireframe-02 wireframe-03 wireframe-06

Recipe Swipe

Course: User Experience Design

Project: “Swipe” Cooking App that lets users find a recipe and swipe through each phase of the recipe.

Concept: Recipe Swipe was designed to solve the problem of always loosing your place when following a recipe. Now, whenever you’re following a recipe, it will bring you exactly to where you left off.

Click for Recipe Swipe Wireframes

tutorialapp.002 tutorialapp.003 tutorialapp.010 tutorialapp.016